A Brief History Of Marketing

The Start Of Marketing

There has been evidence that ancient marketing practices were discovered from the time of antiquity. However, mainstream marketing as most people know it began in the early 1900’s. Marketing is the act of advertising to sell goods or services. In the 1900’s marketing was done by word of mouth. People that had services or products they wanted to advertise were marketed directly to their target audience. This meant a considerable amount of footwork during the initial stages of marketing. People were willing to make face to face contact with their customers to sell their products or initiate their services.

The Next Phase Of Marketing

The birth of the radio made way for early advertisers. Unfortunately, with unregulated advertising, there were plenty of false advertising practices. The same is true for television in the 1940’s which made way for advertising practices that are commonly used today. TV made way for promotion of products, placing products, and distribution. This initiated a marketing concept that turned out to be successful.

Synergy Marketing Of The 1970’s

Marketing began to take a huge turn allowing many manufacturers and services to make a significant income from marketing. Television was still a great place to market your products, but synergy marketing created a new concept that also proved to be a success. For instance, when a film was being released in the 70’s high profile restaurants would offer a children’s toy in their kids meals to market ticket sales. Products were no longer being marketed independently, but they were also being marketed by big corporations. Then the 80’s brought about guerilla marketing that allowed businesses to advertise their products with a small budget using a shock concept that promoted their original goods and services.

Revolutionary Marketing On The World Wide Web

The internet began to change the face of marketing in the early 90’s. It created a new form of advertising that would soon attract billions of customers. The internet made way for many businesses to utilize email marketing, ad displays, and content marketing to move their goods and services. Spam was a form of internet flyers that quickly took hold of the internet. Spam is still used to market good and services on the internet. Today, search engine optimization is the most popular form of marketing used by business that want to market their services and products online. Social media has also played a significant role in the internet marketing industry.

Thus, marketing has came a long way since the days of Roman Gladiators advertising products by wearing them in the fighting arena. Advertising now aspires to cater to the needs and desires of their customers. However, smartphone technology is another popular way that has began to change the face of marketing for customers and businesses. Customers are given advertisements through their handheld device. On average, every 3 out of 5 customers will receive an ad for goods and services on their smartphone while surfing the web, connecting to social media, texting , or playing online games.

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